Thursday, September 23, 2010

old to me... new to you!

Hi all... I've been M.I.A. so far this week. Not to completely bore you... ;-) but I've been down for the count with a head cold. UGH! Hopefully one more day of rest and vitamins and I can beat this. Wish me luck!

Moving on... I have an Old 2 Me -- New 2 You card to show y'all! I made this one for Impression Obsession's booth at CHA and... just never showed it here!

I just love when you can pick up a few stamps, some fun paper and bam... you can have a fun and easy card in a jiffy! This card is super duper quick. I stamped this fun background -- Cover a Card Notebook in Summer Sky Memento ink, and then, I stamped the dandelion silhouette (Silhouette 11) over top in black and light blue ink. After that... add a sentiment - Just a Note, some decorative paper, some stitching, some gingham ribbon and.. bling! Done!

Hope you are having a good week. I am looking forward to some down time from work and hopefully, no more sniffles and sneezes!

See you back here soon!


Glenda said...

Love the card! Sorry you are under the weather. Take a little time and heal...Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Anonymous said...

Blues great on paper are tough on the breather. Take care. I'd join you but having too much fun on the tail end of allergy. sniffle cough sneeze dance step of the day may be on the way out as freezes are peeking in the corners of our calendar. Twisting the message and graphic begs for a second look with this fun blues card. Thank you for sharing. Blessings in vitamins and juices.
Keep Looking UP!

Lynne Phelps said...

Sure hope you feel better soon! Colds are so miserable. Your card is wonderful - love the simple silhouettes on the notebook paper pattern. The bold black with the blue really works! Since Copics came along we really need reminders that you can make a great card WITHOUT coloring; gosh, we used to do that all the time, LOL!

Sue from Oregon said...

A very striking card! Hope you feel better soon!

Emily Keaton said...

So very pretty, Julie!! I love how you soften the stark contrast of black and white with the soft blue. Feel better soon :)

Bev J. said...

Sorry, hope you feel better real soon.

Neat card-I love silhouette stamps.

Betty said...

Julie, I hope your feeling better...So did you give my DD in Butte her cold? Poor thing, she is pretty sure she is Celiac and had to overload on gluten before the blood test and felt terrible. Then had the blood test, went glutin free and Wed. woke up with a terrible cold and feels better than she has in months even with the cold! Keep the cold germs in MT. Great card BTW.