Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Copics Continued!

Hi all! Hope your week is going well! We are closing in on the end of the week here and I don't know where the time went! Hubby has Friday off so we might just hit the mountains! I can smell the fresh air now!

Copic week part two continues over at Flourishes. Last week, the owners shared some tips and valuable coloring tips. This week, it's the DT's turn! You'll have to check out the fabulous tutorial Cindy Lawrence put together over on the Flourishes Newsletter!

Remember this project I shared a little less than two weeks ago?

Well, I thought I'd revisit it and share some tips on how I colored it and some other fun things about adding some additional color with Copics!

First, these were the collections that I used....

Like I've said in the past, Flourishes makes it SO easy. They've grouped the colors so that you don't have to guess what colors will blend nicely. I colored these lemons in - I kid you not - 5 minutes!

Want to see?

I started stamping my lemons from the Life, Love and Lemons set with Palette Noir and then coloring the base of the lemon and leaves with the lightest marker in both collections - Y00 and YG91.
Then, I added some shading with the second lightest colors - Y02, YG93.

Then, I added the second darkest shades in both of the collections - YG95 and Y06. Keep in mind - normally I would be blending as I go because it is best to blend while the paper is still wet from the marker's ink. But, for tutorial purposes, I wanted you to "see" how the color is layered on the paper.

And lastly, I added a bit of the darkest shades in both collections - Y08 and YG99.
When you are done adding your shading, then it is time to go back over your work with the lightest shade in both collections to blend!


I didn't want to just leave the lemon with a white background. I wanted to add some depth thanks to the BG11 marker in the Water Collection. Here's a peek at those shades...
I love the lightest blue shade to add some depth to my images. Here is what it looked like before I blended...
And, here is what it looked like when I took my Copic Blender and, using circular motions, fuzzied the lines of the blue to make it look more natural..
You can't really tell because it is so subtle, but I edged my paper in this BG11 and then went over the edges with my blender pen. It just added a soft bit of color that I love.
And that, my friends is it! I hope seeing the process makes it easier to see just how easy it is to get the vibrancy that only Copics can deliver!

Be sure to check out Cindy's tutorial over at the Flourishes Newsletter. Latisha and Stacy also have samples to show as well. So, be sure to hop on over there too!


NancyK said...

I loved this when you first showed it! The step by step tutorial is very easy to follow and very helpful - tfs!

Norine said...

thanks so much for the step by step very helpful love it

Connie said...

Oh your step by step tutorial is just so wonderful, Julie!! Thanks so much!!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Wonderful recipe card Julie. I really like how you girls are giving picture by picture instructions. Wonderful job.

Cindy Lawrence said...

I so love this recipe card, Julie! The step-by-step tutorial is perfect...so easy to follow!

Susan (rainy) said...

BEAUTIFULLY done!!! Your lemons (and recipe card) are wonderful, Julie.

Barbara said...

Just gorgeous, Julie!!! Your tutorial is great! Thank you!

The Rubber Maid said...

Great to see a step by step on the coloring. Both you and Cindy gave wonderful lessons ; however, I do have a problem....no Copic markers.

Leslie Miller said...

Gosh, great tips and beautiful coloring, Julie! I learn a little here and a little there... It's all good information. I love this project you made!

www.amazingpapergrace.com said...

Julie, beautiful coloring!! You make it all look so easy girl!
--Hugs Becca