Monday, November 12, 2007

Blossoms.. four ways Part 4.... plus one!

Ok, I promised the last card using the same stamp. Well, I lied. I am giving you five cards! Ok, don't get mad! :-) Anyway, this first one is one of my fave techniques. I stamped a background stamp on a piece of ivory paper, "antiqued" it with chalks. Then I took a piece of vellum that was the same size (5-1/2 by 4)and I stamped my flower vertically down the center of the vellum. Then, I colored the flowers with marker on the back side of the vellum. When you layer these two pieces of paper, it almost looks as if the flowers are floating. It's pretty cool. I layered these two pieces by putting tape underneath the stamped images and using vellum tape on the edges. The tape won't show! I put these pieces on a gold cardstock card. I ripped a strip of red card stock, and affixed it to the left side of the card. I added copper hot fix nail heads (made by the Kandi Kane)and voila... done!

The second card features a different kind of card layout. There are actually two cards - different sizes- layered to create a unique opening. The white is a small card that is basically folded backwards with the fold on the right side. I stamped the flower, colored it with watercolor pencils and blended my work with a Dove Blender pen (so much better than a water brush!). I took a lavender piece of paper (5-1/4 by 4) and edged it with silver leaf pen. This is how you need to layer this card in order to pull it off! You attach the white card to the inside of your darker purple standard size card, then... you cover the inside part of your white card with the smaller lavender mat piece. I attached a strip to the front of the card and used white ink to stamp the flower up and down that strip. I silver leafed this piece as well along the edges-- then, I attached another stip that is in a lighter purple. Before you attach this strip, figure out how far over your white piece will sit on your card and then attach one of those photo hinges in a place where it will secure your white card and help it stay folded. I really hope this makes sense!!! That's the card. Quite a few steps... but fun!!
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