Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clear Stamps & Ink Questions!

Got a comment from Kerry and a few emails asking about my comment re: Ancient Page and polymer/clear stamps.Well, Kerry, (& the rest of you gals), you really don't want to use any solvent based ink on clear stamps. In the words of the gentleman who makes stamps for Stewart Superior, "It breaks down the polymer and turns them to goo over time!" So, that means no Ancient Page, no Staz-On, or any other permanent solvent based ink. (That also means watch out for solvent based stamp cleaners!) Dye based inks (pad or markers) are perfect. Pigment inks are okay if they are wiped off the polymer quickly. On top of the solvent based inks being bad for clear stamps, they stain! Before I did research on the topic, I did use Ancient Page on one of my clear stamps and now that clear stamp is literally black - not see through black-- just plain coal black! It totally defeats the purpose of having a clear stamp! So... hope that answered the questions for you all. Thankfully, I got the chance to talk to all the makers of these stamps when I did a piece with Roberta Wax for Rubber Stamper magazine on the topic. It was really eye opening!

Busy making more cards... post on that topic coming!!!
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