Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another bold one...

Hi all!
Remember me saying, I used a piece in my color blocked card from another creation? Well, this was it. I had stamped these flowers from Cornish Heritage Farms Silhouette Blooms set on my white card base - but on the first try, I did it all in black. Well, I thought it needed a bigger pop of color. So, I ditched that card and stamped it again, leaving some space for the twiggy flowers in aqua. You might laugh at me, but there was some bedding at Target that influenced this card! It wasn't black and blue like this is was black and orange with hot pink. It was that stark contrast with the pop of color that drew me to it! I guess I have been doing a lot of this style lately ---huh??? The rest is pretty self explanatory - layers matted together with a loopy brad off to the side and a piece of sheer polka dot ribbon pulled through! This could be a 10 minute card! How about a set in different colors? That Silhouette Blooms set has 4 different sayings! Hey, maybe I need to do that??!?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

p.s. I wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful comments about my "news." When I read them, they brought a smile to my face! I have such an amazing group of cyber-friends and, believe me, I feel blessed! So... THANKS for making my day!
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