Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Shout Out To My Bloggin' Buds!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! First off, I wanted to say thanks to Jackie over at Just Stamp It! and Karen at Karen's Kreations. They are the sweetest! Both gave me the ArteY Pico award. It's given to bloggers who share their art and contribute to the blogging community. WOW! Truly an honor ladies! If you check out their blogs, I'm sure you'll agree, they are a couple of talented cookies themselves!!

I have to tell you - I've made some pretty neat friendships in blog land! It's funny how I click of a mouse and a comment left can really make someone's day. I can't count how many times I have read a comment and laughed - I mean FULL belly laughed - at a comment that one or more of you have left! My husband officially thinks I need meds! But, maybe it's good that he thinks I am a tad bit crazy - I'll be able to get away with more and he'll keep on being nice to me! LOL!

In honor of my bloggin' buds, I am going to dedicate this week to some of the women whom have brightened my day. Those that made special gifts, those that sent a fun package my way, those that gave me a PIF or a RAK - CHEERS TO YOU! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it!!!

The first person... is my MOM! You can visit her HERE! She sent me this adorable little notebook that she took the time to deck out, gave me directions on how to make my own along with all the things needed to do the project. She even stuffed some fun papers and brads in the package. How fun is that? She got the idea from Angie at Chick n' Scratch. Check out her blog for this really fun tutorial!

Here's a close up of the darling notebook with all the fun ribbon on top!

Since the whole idea was to take her notebook and supplies and make one myself, I did!!

This is what the notebook looked like when we started....

Can you believe it was just .50 at Mikes? Seriously! That's what my mom paid. Here at my Mikes they are a buck, but still! What a fun, personal gift!!

I used grunge flower from Cornish Heritage Farms. It was the stamp of the month for March. If you've never checked out their SOTM deals, you should. You get one stamp and a sentiment for a discount. This one came with the saying, "Bloom With Abandon" and was a really pretty text. You can still buy both, but separately!

On to my creation... here's how it turned out! I love it! Just a breath of spring! It was so fast and fun to create! I know there are more to create in the near future.

Thanks mom for the fabulous gift and the chance to be creative and try one myself!!!

Tomorrow, I'll find a "Buck" and share some of her fabulous creativity!! Until tomorrow!


Jackie said...

Your mom is awesome and I think it is so cool that you and she share the same hobby, and it's clear from whom you inherited all of your talent! That notebook is too cute! I have seen those at my Michaels but never gave them a second glance but I will now - thanks for the sharing and enabling :-)

Hilmarose said...

I bought a couple of those note books awhile back from michaels... guess I will have to try them now. Love the one you did!

Annapurna said...

It is nice to have a crafty mama, nice to have a mama period.
You have taken something that looked tasty and made it into something that's pretty. Hmmm...Now which one is the winner? Chocolate or flowers...
Congratulations on your ArteY Pico award (I couldn't spell it, so I copied and pasted ;-))!

The Rubber Maid said...

Thanks for the thank you Jules. And thanks for sharing the cute notebook idea with all bloggers. Those are fun to do and make great gifts. I am putting one in a prize along with cards etc. for church. MOM

Diane said...

How fun those are!!! You guys are great partners,two peas in a bucket!! Beautiful work girls!!!

Janine said...

Hi Julie!!! Hope you had a great weekend. Sounds like you had a blast with your Mom... Love what she sent you and your little creation is fabulous!! I can hardly wait until Friday!!!

mochamama said...

like mama, like daughta! You talented duo! If you figure out what those meds are could you let me know, cause I think my husband thinks I should be on something too!

Laura Davis said...

I love this Julie, you are so creative!