Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another O2M, N2U and a big thank you!!

First things first, I want to say thanks to my gal pals Diane and Cheryl for giving me the You Make My Day Award. These ladies both rock. Every time they share a comment, you can actually read the smile that comes with it! So.... right back at ya ladies! You make my day too! I am supposed to go ahead and tag those people that make my day -- but I can't! Too many! So, I am just going to say a very heartfelt thanks!

Today's creation is another really old one! But, I think the technique is one that really is unique. It creates watercolor "paintings" with the help of a stamp! If you've never checked out Art Impressions line of watercolor stamps and techniques -- you should! Click HERE to see some of the "pieces" you can stamp together to create scenes. And HERE to see some of the fabulous art in their gallery. You kind of have to dig around to see this technique, but it gives you some ideas!

Basically, what you do is ink up these stamps with markers and then "build" on the scene. The lovely thing about it is - there isn't any masking! You just start with the pot and go from there. Better yet? They have books to teach you step by step. Ok, by now, you probably think I work for AI. Nope. Just think this is an underrated technique and happen to love it!

Here's a close up of the topiary so you can see how it is "built." I used Marvy markers to do this. They are highly concentrated in the color department and really work very well with these stamps. Once you stamp the image on watercolor paper (I used 140 lb, coldpress paper by Strathmore - found at Mikes), you just run a damp watercolor brush over it to meld the colors and give it that watercolored look -- very cool!

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow means another Stamp Simply challenge! All I have to say about this one is --- it just might dazzle you!!! :-) That's my hint!
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