Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Embossed Tree

When my mom comes to town, she usually comes packing a stamp technique or two. This go round, it was embossing paste and gold leaf! It is such a pretty technique. I did have one problem. I didn't have any metallic embossing paste. Ideally, I would have used copper instead of white, that way if the gold leaf didn't cover all of your image, the copper would show through instead of white. you can see some parts of my image where it has a little peek of white - but- I'm ok with it. It was the first card and I say-- Not bad. Fun technique. It's a technique that was created from the owner of Dreamweavers stencils, so I'm not going to share a how-to. I think they sell the idea page - so that's not fair for me to share when they are trying to make a living!! BUT, you can click HERE and surf around for some more beautiful samples!

You'll have to click HERE to see my mom's creation with the same image. This is one she brought from home. She used the gold paste so you can see the difference in just how much more dazzling her image is. WOW, I say! Gotta get me some of that metallic paste!

Happy Tuesday!

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