Wednesday, April 9, 2008

O2M, N2U

Hi All! Hope you are having a good week! It is so hard to believe that it is half over! Why does life scream by? Today, I am sharing a card that I did forever ago - but I think it's a classic. It's a fun technique that never really gets old! The stamp is a PSX stamp that, of course, is no longer made. But, let's face it, this look can be achieved with other stamps - a cherry tree branch? A tea cup on it's own? I can see lots of potential here.

There are a few key things to pull off this look. First embossing the image with black detail powder on a dark colored card stock. Then, using a fine to medium tip brush to literally paint the image with bleach to remove the color. After this, you color every part of the image with a white or cream pencil to even out the color of the bleached area. The next step is literally to scribble with Prismacolor colored pencils! The only technique is to use an up and down motion - not circular when you apply the color. I used apple green and canary yellow on the leaves of the plant. The flowers were done with canary yellow and touches of hot pink. The pot, cup, plate and table cloth were all randomly - emphasis on randomly - colored with celadon green, peacock blue, yellowed orange, canary yellow, hot pink and apple green.

After you are done scribbling in the color, you can blend with either the blender pencil or with odorless mineral spirits and a paper stump. When you are done, you can seal your work with what's called a workable fixative to give the colored piece a vibrant look and prevent a waxy look. After that, take some crystal lacquer and cover all the "china" with it to give it that glassy look!

Here's a close up to show the random coloring....

Well, my mom and I haven't even really started to play yet! But, trust me, when we do! Watch out. Things in the stamp room might just fly!

Happy Wednesday!
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