Friday, January 4, 2008

The card gremlins will not beat me!!!!

Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but that is kind of how it played out today in my stamp room. I found cute paper that my daughter actually picked out at Hobby Lobby. She LOVES anything pink and in fact, this card looks a lot like the color of her room. HHHHhhhhmmm... Now I know why she told me I HAD to have that paper. Keep in mind too, she is 4!

I digress.

I wanted to do another card for my LSS Hero Arts Preview day on Saturday. In my class, we are only making two cards, but of course, you have to have samples beyond that... don't ya? So, I had the whole card layout done and was down to the stamping part. I grabbed my Adirondack Seashell Pink - too light! I grabbed my Vivid Tea Rose - too dark! I grabbed my Memories Shadow Ink in soft mauve - too... I don't know... ICK? I was running out of options. Vivid pink? No. Vivid Soft Pink? Definite No. UUUUUGGGH. Then, I spotted my Brilliance Orchid - it is really, really like a flamingo pink. I stamped it anyway and remembered covering over it in the past with Micro Pearl Pearl Ex to tone it down. VOILA! I shout. So, that's what I did. I stamped the flowers in the Brilliance ink, brushed on the micro pearl and was able to cut and kind of layer the flowers on my die cut circle. The saying is also done the same way. My goal was to create a girlie card that was soft in color. After a lot of expirimenting - I think I got it!

Here's a close up of the flowers....

That's it for now! TGIF!
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