Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A RAK & The Box

First Things First!!!
When I started this blog at the end of last May, I thought - 'This is so lame Julie, you are going to post pictures of your cards in the hopes that someone will come and visit you and see what you've got cookin' in your craft room.' I really, really, really thought it would be a waste of time. Holy cow was I wrong! Since that time, I have seen many of you drop in daily. Because of that, I have found new inspiration in your sites and on top of ALL that, I really have some wonderful web friends and bloggin' buddies. AMAZING! The fun part? There's completely room for more!

When I first started my blog, one of the first ladies to pay me a visit was Miss Diane LaPointe (dd2njoy). She always had this smile in her words. It just made ya feel great! Well, imagine my surprise the other day when I went to the mailbox and found this creation!

Ok... so now I get the privilege of snail mail too? Diane, you rock! Thank you sooooo much. I can't imagine someone taking the time to make me a card just to say thanks for making cards! What a ball of sunshine!

I did get a few minutes yesterday to make something! Much of my time in my stamp room was trying to put stuff away! I HAD PILES EVERYWHERE! So... it was a quick and easy project (20 minutes tops! And, half that time was picking the paper!). I got the box at Hobby Lobby for a buck and I didn't d do a thing to it. No dp. No nothin'! Don't shreak! I know. I know! It came in that fun decorative mirror paper. I simply used my Wizard Nestabilities in the heart and scalloped heart shapes to layer up a bit of color. On the smallest heart, I stamped, "Be Mine" (Impression Obsession). On another one of the hearts, I "ruffled" a piece of pink tissue paper by cutting it an inch wide and then folding it it create my ruffles. I added some flowers, ribbon and a bit of bling and called it good! So ladies, when your DH gives you a box of Russell Stovers that he picked up at the gas station on the way home from work---at least you can decorate it!!!!! :-) Just kiddin'! I know your hubbies are FAR better than that. They shop at Target! LOL!

Well, busy work day ahead - so I best get at it!
Have a fun Tuesday!


Janine said...

What a great find in your mailbox...
Have a wonderful day.. Right now I am at work catching up on my e-mails and then have to count some new product that just came in.

The Rubber Maid said...

What an adorable box !!! Really a cutie patootie. Wish I had a Hobby
Lobby near me, but no such luck.
Your friend is a great gal to write you a card to say thanks for all your great cards. You do good work ! MOM

Chris said...

That is just an adorable box. I love HL don't you!!!
Have a nice day.

Jennifer Buck said...

Finding the surprise card in the mailbox is always a wonderful feeling!...and it's so cute...and what a beautiful box you've created! Love your blog! ;)

tyrymom29 said...

What a great find in your mailbox ...DD2njoy is the greatest !!!!

dd2njoy said...

I'm happy you liked the card! What an gorgeous box!!! I love your blog girl!!! Keep 'em coming!!