Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cardmaking is a team sport!

Well, after yesterday, Ann gave me a great idea on how to modify my card. One of those spiral paper clips.... so I did it! AND, I think, of the three options, I like this one the best. The spiral still is a circle and it actually matches up with the swirls on the coffee's steam. Thanks Anne!!! I promise, this is the end of this card. Let's just say the third time is a charm on this one! :-)

I've got another one to share today. This is kind of like a gift in a card. The card is super dooper simple to make and features one of my favorite easy techniques. I take 4 mondo post-it notes and rip the edges of them. Then I line them up on a card front to make a box. After that, I stamp the images using Vesamark ink. This time I chose leaf stamps. After I stamp all my images in the box, I take a cotton ball or a Fantastix and run different shades of chalk over top until my entire "box" is covered. This creates such a unique look. You can use just about any image you like and any kind of color scheme. Once you are done, stamp a neat setiment over top and fini! It's a quick and easy 10 minute card!

Now to the gift part. This would go to one of my knitting friends... because.. inside is a knitting marker that I made. When you knit more intricate patterns (like cables) you need to mark where you have to do certain stitches. These just slip on your needles so you can mark it up in style!

Off for now! Have a great day!


Janine said...

What a fun technique Julie.. will give that a try for sure and I love the marker you made for your friend.. and yes the spiral clip if perfect for the coffee card.
I just finished my Monday and Wednesday night classes doing cracked glass. The ladies liked it but thought it a bit fussy, having to rip the masking tape...
Have a great day..

NancyK said...

A great and easy technique that produces a striking card. Thanks for sharing - love your card!

dd2njoy said...

Wowzer Love that technique and your card of course!!! You knit too,geeze some of you gals are so taented!!!

Lesli said...

Beautiful Cards Julie!

Sharon in NE said...

Don't you love this sport? And particularly since the players are much more supportive than competitive.

The spiral clip really made that card a winner.

and YOU, Julie, the ideas and projects you share are amazing!

Belas Creating Place said...

so lovely, you do this saying proud.


hemidemisemiquaver said...

Julie, you do such beautiful work. I absolutely adore this knitting marker. Really fabulous.