Saturday, January 5, 2008


NOTE: Sorry the picture above is a bit blurry... I think my camera battery is revolting against me and is about to die!!

Since I am going to be at my LSS today for the Hero Arts Preview, I thought I'd bring you a N2U (new to you)! A while back I was teaching a four cards, one stamp class and I was searching for a little lady bug. I wanted a teeny tiny one that was just cute. Well, I never really found one, so I made one up! I drew this little guy and had him made into a stamp from one of the stamp makers in town (normally they do those business type stamps). FUN!

I used one of the Wordsworth Wild Card Templates. Sadly, I still have all of mine sitting in a drawer. I REALLY SHOULD dig them out every now and then. Anyway, the thought behind this card was to create a little card perfect for a "love note" that could be stuck in a matching envie. What is hysterical is, when I designed the card, I thought it would be cute to have the symbols spell out a message - Well, instead of "Hello Love Bug," my hubby says "hello heart ladybug?" He's a number cruncher-total linear thinker. Can you just hear me???? "NO! Silly! It's....." :-) Oh well! Still love the guy!

Here's a close up!

I embossed the ladybug all over the envie with black embossing powder. I like the subtle dimension.

On the actual card, I just stamped the lady bug all over the red mat. you can't really see it all that well. I also dipped the edges of my white card into back ink to get that uneven look.

Well, off to teach I go! Should be a blast!


NancyK said...

Julie - that little ladybug is so cute. Those wordsworth templates are great offer a nice change of pace from a standard card.

My Paper World said...

So cool! I love your ladybug stamp!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Julie! Ack, I was going to greet you Happy New Year again but it seems I'm running late for Valentine's! =)

Love your cards and I absolutely LOVE all the little tutorials you share with them. Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy New Year and advanced Happy Valentine's to you and your family. =)

SBS5 sister

dd2njoy said...

Lol,those hubbies sometimes??? They just don't get it right!!
Lovely little bug,sweet!!