Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Showing off my rejects!

This is a big step for me ladies, showing my rejects! But, I wanted to do it because this card was a stinker. It was one of those I just couldn't get right. If you read my post yesterday, you saw my challenge card for Taylor's sketch. Well, this was my first attempt. It's so funny because I took her sketch very literally. She said, put the sentiment in the lower right corner.... so I did.

If I did the sketch without looking at that, I would have put the little "Thanks a Latte" up in the circle. So, it left me wondering what on earth do I put there? Well, the set I used from Impression Obsession didn't have any little images. I thought - steam from the cup? No, looked to weird. I tried a LOT of different things and none worked. These little coffee beans are actually from an ancient Stampin' Up set! But, even after all that, I don't think they work! So, I took off the little circle and said, 'Well, I just won't do this card for the challenge.' BUT, when I took off the circle, everything was skewed right and off center. So, my dear friends, suggestions? Am I being to hard on this poor little card??!!???

There are a couple of cool things about this card that I thought I would share. Have you ever made "faux suede?" It's when you brayer Liquid Applique onto a piece of paper and then heat set it? No matter how hard you try, you won't get the application even which makes this such a cool technique. Maybe I'll take some photos of the process to show since all you can see is 1/4" of the mat on this card! It's a neat technique. The other thing I did, which is not rocket science is, I distressed the brown gingham ribbon to look "coffee stained." It worked a whole lot better than the bright white from the ribbon!

Well ladies, have a happy Wednesday! My daughter woke up today and said, "Mom, can we craft today?" What do you think my answer was? :-)


"Jany" said...

Excellent card and techniques used. I do really like the techniques and would love to learn them.

SBS 5 sis Jany

Penny said...

Cool faux suede - something I haven't tried but I think it goes perfectly with the card! Yep, you're being hard on yourself about the card , I really like it. But I can't talk because a LOT of mine end up in the bin!!

Ann said...

How about one of those gold spiral paperclips to replace the coffee bean accent? Or are they passe now?

Janine said...

Beautiful card Julie.. I like the second one better. Have a great day !!! It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold here today and we had winds last night and this morning of 80 km an hour.
And I had to put the garbage out..
My DH is in St. Louis on business...

The Rubber Maid said...

Very cute card and of course you are too hard on yourself. MOM

Theresa said...

I've not heard of the faux suede technique! Sounds like fun so I'm gonna have to try it!!!
Yes, I think we are at times wayyy to hard on ourselves/our cards!
Both cards are lovely!

Juliann said...

I like the card, I like the second one a smidge better, but but are very nice. Th ecolors are warm and soothing like sitting at a Starbucks.
I love seeing peoples rejects, haha! Most people are way too hard on themselves!
That is so cute that you daughter wanted to craft today! Music to a crafty Moms ears!

dd2njoy said...

Both cards are great!!!