Friday, January 4, 2008

A Dose Of Creative Organization.....

One question I seem to get quite a bit because I teach is... "How do you come up with your card designs?" Well, this is a snapshot into my disorganized thought process!

I will stare at a stamp set for what seems like an eternity and try to think up color combos and sketch ideas. I grab the nearest legal pad or really anything I can find.... and I scribble! Nine times out of ten, I will wonder, "Now, where did I put that scribble on the back of that junk mail?" Seriously, it's that bad.

So, I decided today, wouldn't it be fun to have a funky little box to put my sketches in? Instead of a legal pad (or worse yet, junk mail) I would buy some index cards and when I was done, I would put them in the little box. I went searching for the box (I envisioned a recipe type box) but, found THIS instead! This fun little wooden basket! It was only $2.99!

As you can see, I grabbed some patterned paper and embellishments that all match my stamp room. I think, in the end, whatever I come up with will sit on my desk. Need a little creative inspiration- dig in the box!

Now, if only I knew where those index cards were....

Well, it's Friday night and I promised the kiddos I would take them for a little ice cream! YUM!

Enjoy your weekend!
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