Thursday, January 17, 2008

Take It For A Spin....

This card, thanks to my heart Nestabilities dies was a TON easier than those cards we used to make years ago! This isn't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, I think with the help of die cut machines, it can certainly take on a new look - with a whole bunch of shape possibilities!

What I did was cut the scalloped heart and classic heart, stamped my birdies on the classic small heart, the sentiment "Some Birdy Loves You" on the back of the pink mat and then I sandwiched a piece of red metallic embroidery thread in between the two pieces when I matted them together. I then matted my polka dot paper to the front of white card stock base with LOW TACK tape. We'll need to take these two pieces apart later to assemble the "spinny" part of our card! I took my large classic heart and then taped it using the low tack Magic Scotch tape to the exact position where I wanted my heart. Make sure if you are using the Wizard to put your spacer plate in the right place so you don't cut a hole through the front AND back of the card. You only want a window here!! After you punch the hole, take the two pieces apart and attach your embroidery thread at the top and bottom of your hole. You'll want to make sure to cut the tail so that when you mat this piece together, you won't see the mechanics of your card.
Here's a close up of the center part spun around to show the sentiment...(ignore my purple pencil helping to spin the sentiment to the front!!)

After I assembled this, I added my bow, my corners, and some bling! I also matted some fun striped paper on the inside to give the card some added pop through the window.

Fun! It even got a ooooOOOOOooo from my daughter. Wow, I feel honored! :-)

Happy Thursday... T-minus one day 'til the weekend!
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