Friday, March 21, 2008

Black and white and round all over!

Happy Friday! Time for another Stamp Simply challenge. This one is super easy! All you need to do is round a corner or two! It doesn't matter where on your card - it doesn't matter how!

To find out the details... check out Sharon's blog HERE. You'll also see her lovely card that is just so yummy, you could eat it!! :-)

Dee Jackson took this challenge LITERALLY.... you can see what I mean when you click HERE. It's a beautiful creation. In fact, if you put all three cards next to eachother, you might not even be able to figure out the challenge. That just goes to show how creative you can be with this one!

My card actually has a story behind it. A few weeks ago, some of my sisters with the SBS5 group decided to do an image swap. When all was said and done, 17 of us swapped images leaving us all with a bag of close to 100 images for us to use sometime down the road. These floral images and the saying were from one of my sisters --- but dummy me--I took them all out of their original evelopes so- I basically lost who it was from and what the set was called. If you know this set - just please leave a comment to fill us all in! Isn't that completely silly!

Anyway, the rule was to stamp the images in permanent black ink so that we could color them or do whatever we wanted to later - Well, I thought these flowers were perfect as they were and envisioned a black and white card from the get go. The accents are polka dot sheer ribbon, and pearls. I even took one of the flowers and using foam tape, attached it to the larger flower for some dimension. So, how does this qualify for the "rounded corner" challenge? Well, I decided when I looked at this card, it kind of looked harsh with pointy corners! So, I made everything with a rounded corner - from the mat to the actual card! I like how it turned out!

Here's a close up of the flowers!

Well, thanks sister -whichever one you were for those awesome images that are part of that one set that I can't remember what it is called! I really am a blonde at heart!

p.s. Don't forget about my pay-it-forward! Just take a peek at yesterday's post. Sign up and just agree to either post on your blog for a similar pay it forward OR just agree to do three nice things for friends! That's all it is - I send you fun things and you agree to do the same!
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