Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This One's For My Gal Pals!

A while back, my bloggin' bud Janine sent a box full of darling things... embellishments, stamps, a glittery mist, oh, I could go on! This butterfly stamp (Hero Arts) was one of the goodies in the box and I was so glad to get an afternoon yesterday to take it for a test drive! This is actually a card that was CASED from the Hero Arts catalog. I know. I know. How terribly uncreative of me. Well, I am having a heck of a week. I NEVER crumple up creations in a fury. NEVER. I will rip it apart until I think I've got it right or at least until it's not terrible anymore-- but I will never take a card and crumple it up as a form of therapy. Well, my friends, that happened this week. Think I need to book a session with a "specialist?" Not sure yet. Know any good ones with a specialty in overcoming CSD a.k.a Creative Stress Disorder? I'll let you get back to me on that one.

Anywho, the card in the catalog used slightly different stamps, but the end result was the same, butterflies in flight with swirls and vellum. I really like the way this one turned out. I used my Marvy punch for the circles and my Lasting Impressions Paper Piercing Template to create the swirls with a permaletter pen. I colored the butterflies with watercolored pencils and added some sparkle with Diamond Stickles. I also added the Decorative Accents that I picked up at Mikes. I'm starting to love these things! I got blue, green and clear. They also come in pink but they were out! BOOOOO! The background is a swirl background from Leigh Hannan's line with Impression Obsession.

Here's a close up of the butterfly guy....
Earlier this week, I was tagged by another bloggin' pal.. Diane. So, here goes the answers to her questions!

What were you doing ten years ago? I was the morning anchor for a show called Daybreak. It was the morning news show on the CBS affiliate in Billings, Montana. My boy was only 1 at the time! Gosh, getting up at 3 in the morning to do the news was a drag. I like sleep!

What were you doing 1 year ago? We were living at my in-laws house while our family was building our house. While I was thankful to have a place to stay, let's just say I'm very happy in our new pad!!!

Name your five favorite snacks.1. Ice Cream 2. Pretzels 3. Popcorn 4. Ice Cream 5. Ice Cream

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire
. 1. Invest (college fund for kids & retirement) 2. Set up a foundation that would aid children's charities (I have been an advocate for foster children for the last 12 years-would love to do more!) 3. Fully restore my toy --- a 1977 Black Corvette that needs some TLC! 4. Restore an old truck my hubby wants to finish. It used to be my Dad's and has a special place in our hearts (My Dad passed away from cancer in '04). 5. Can't think of anything else!

Name five things you like doing.1. Family walks or hikes 2. Stamping (of course) 3. Knitting 4. Hanging out with my hubby 5. Riding bikes

Name your five favorite toys 1. My I-pod 2. My computer 3. My Corvette 4. Anything stamping! 5. Did I say anything stamping?!?

Well, I hope you are having a great week! I'm off to go to play group with my girl!


Janine said...

Hi girlfiend !! Love that butterfly... It looks great. The card is beautiful.. Anything with vellum is lovely. How do you adhere your vellum??
Hope you are having a good week.
We got SNOW !! and alot of it!! I have shovelled and now I am off to work.

Diane said...

You have a VET!!!!!!! I'd love to see it restored too,if you ever do
let us see pics!!!! I'm a sport car nut!!!! I see you as a news cast person,your lovely smile and pretty face is perfect for that!
Thanks for playing,we now know a little bit more about you!!
Your card is spectacular,I'd like to know about the vellum too Julie?

The Rubber Maid said...

That's a sweet butterfly stamp and it made a great card as usual. Pat

Kira said...

Very pretty! And it's still creative to CASE something and then make your own adjustments! At least I hope it is! I keep getting inspired by all the fabulous work people like you do!

marcie said...

Hi Julie! Beautiful card. I love the colors and the detailing is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Buck said...

Cracking me up! I must confess to being a crumpler! I will do like you and try to salvage and redo but when all else's a ball of crumped up junk! ...cute! card by the way! I love it! The butterflies turned out great! Hope you are having a great day! :)

Kanani said...

Love the sparklies on the butterfly! Cute card!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Cases are awesome...push you to incorporate your style with anothers...totally a win win! I'm saying this, because I will likely case your card! Love the vellum circles, the colours and glitter! Beautiful design and execution.