Monday, March 31, 2008

Me and the King!

Ok, if you are done laughing at yesterday's post. Get ready for me and the King. I put my pic in the little frame we made at class and what cracks me up is my 4 year old's reaction. First it was - Who's that? As if she should know this funny man in a purple suit. I say, "That's Elvis." Isn't that fun? She looks at me like, "Why?" Then promptly starts calling him "Melvis." She walks around the house talking to everyone about "Melvis." "Dad," she says, "Did ya see mom with Melvis?" When her brother picks up the frame - she says, "Oh, that's just mom with Melvis." I crack up. I think I'm going to leave it at my computer desk for awhile just to see how many laughs I can get out of this!

Now... on to the pic!

What this is - is basically just a dressed up coaster! The front was decked out with decorative paper. I stamped the Elvis silhouette from Cornish Heritage Farms off to the left side of the frame. Above it, I stamped the word ELVIS and accented it with my Copic Spica clear pen. The mat for my picture was created thanks to my rectangle and scalloped rectangle Nestabilitie sets. Then, I just added a flower and some bling!

The back/stand was just created by imitating a table tent kind of fold. I took a 2-1/2" by 11" strip of paper and scored it at 1", then scored again 3-3/4" from that score line, 2" from that score line and then again 3-1/2" from that one. I cut off the excess and then used the 1" flap to add glue and make my tent. Piece of cake!

Well, before I go, I have to tell you that two friends already cheered me up and gave me some warm and fuzzies!!! Anna from Home Made Greetings gave me the "You Cheer Me Up Award!"
Me? I do? Really? Seriously? Ok, ok, if you insist.
Who would I bestow this honor on? Well, here are just a few ladies that make me laugh whenever we meet in blog land!
Deb (I know you got this award - but you crack me up so you're getting it again!)

Way cool! And my buddy Diane at DDNJOYS2STAMP gave me this little beauty. It's the Arte Y Pico award. The award is given to bloggers who share their art creations through blogging!
Now.... I have to pick SOME folks to pass this beauty on to..... (there are more--I know!) They are picked because of their creativity, design and interesting material. I pick....

If any one of you have already received these fab honors - I am sorry. It's just so hard to keep track of all my talented bloggin' buds!

Hope you're having a great week! Until tomorrow!
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