Monday, March 3, 2008

Suede - the tutorial!

Ok, I know this card isn't for everyone. Some will like it. Some might love it. Others will go... NO! Not me! Well, let's get past that shall we?? :-) I wanted to show this card because you never know when knowing this technique might come in handy. Western card? Man card? Earthy card? You never know! The technique I'm talking about is making your own suede paper.

So... let's begin! You need a plate or palette of some sort, a rubber brayer, some Liquid Applique and, of course, paper!
Squeeze out a line of the Liquid Applique onto your palette. This is how you will dip your brayer into it.
After you've "inked" up your brayer with the LA, time to take it to the paper! Don't worry about getting your application even. It will NEVER happen and you don't want it to. The uneven look of the color is what makes this take on the suede look.
Now all you need to do is take your heat tool to this paper and watch the color turn! See how different the color looks now?? Pretty fun huh?
This is a look at the paper after you've fully heat set it. Looks kind of like rust too doesn't it?
Here's a look at the card again, so you can see what I did... I took some rustic leaves decorative paper and mounted it onto a piece of metallic copper paper. I glued my leaf skeleton to this piece and added some copper embroidery thread around the base of this. I matted a 4 by 5-1/4" piece of the suede paper to a coppery brown colored card stock, added a metal embellie and I was done! After you make the suede paper this is really just a 5-minute card!
Enjoy today!!

Deb had a question about where I got my leaf skeletons. Well, I got mine years ago, but I did find them online at the Frantic Stamper. Click HERE to see!
This site has an amazing array of colors!
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