Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knitting up some comfort!

Ok, I know this is a stamping blog but -- every now and then -- just like my post yesterday, I would love to branch out and share some of my other crafty passions! So, I bring you "What's On My Knitting Needles?" I'll share a snippet and the pattern, just to let you know what I'm up to! Plain and simple! I know that I love to see what other folks are knitting and if I can be inspired by a great pattern, I figured that I, in turn, would share! 

A few weeks ago, I started this pattern HERE by Kim Haesemeyer called Lauren. Here's a peek at the pattern front being modeled by Kim herself!!

My vest is being done in Lamb's Pride Worsted in the color Oatmeal. I wanted a vest that I could wear with jeans, layer over a cute and comfy long sleeve tee and dress up by draping a scarf over top. And so.... this is it so far! 

This will be super comfy! I love the stitch definition created in this pattern! The front is knit 8" in the pattern and the the rest is stockinette with a center band carried up through the middle. The back is all in pattern. 

Here's a close up!

And that, my friends, is "What's On My Knitting Needles!" Next week I plan to start a pair of boot cuffs (even though I won't be done with this project) -- and I'll be sure to share! I don't know about other knitters but I always have one big project and one small project going at the same time. Small projects get done quicker and give me that sense of accomplishment! It usually takes me a year (or sometimes longer) to finish a sweater! ;-) I laugh and tell folks I need to become independently wealthy so I can stay home and knit or stamp all day!

Hope your "hump day" is going great! See you back here soon!


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