Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stitching up some fun!

Hey all! As promised -- I'm going to shake it up here on the old Out to Impress blog and share other crafts here from time to time! 

One of the latest crazes seems to be boot cuffs. They started as all out book socks but many folks complained that stuffing pants and bulky socks inside a boot was, well, complicated. So, out came the boot cuff -- a little strip of knitting that can adorn the tops of boots without the bulk! Since winter weather sprouted, I've been wanting to make a pair and I wanted to do it with versatility in mind! 

I found this little FREE pattern HERE.

I love the fact that it is super easy to knit with a kind of faux cable! Here's the start of my cuff....

And, although you can't see the stitch definition when it's not spread out -- it did turn out just like the picture. Super cute. I started with some heather grey sport weight yarn. (This was in my stash) I know I bought this yarn at Hobby Lobby, but I can't remember what it is! I wanted something inexpensive because I didn't know how these bad boys would turn out! ;-) 

I will warn you -- if you want to make this pattern, make sure to measure your calf and then figure out the gauge of your yarn. For instance, if your calf is 14 inches around, and your yarn knits 4.5 stitches per inch, you'll need to cast on at least 63 stitches (keeping in mind the pattern). The woman who wrote the pattern mentioned she has  -- her words, not mine -- "chicken legs." I had to add stitches to fit my calf. So, instead of knitting it all up and figuring out it doesn't fit -- just measure and adjust your stitches according to the yarn's gauge. 

And while the pattern called for the whole boot cuff to be made in the pattern, I decided to make half in the pattern and then make the bottom half in a simple rib stitch so that I could flip the boot cuff and have the rib pattern or the faux cable pattern.

And, here is the finished product! The cuff measures about 6 inches, which is perfect -- not too bulky and just enough of a design to show off above the top of your boots -- with either design! 

And that, my friends, is "What's on my needles" this week! My niece hinted that she would love a Fair Isle hat for Christmas. I found some fun and soft yarn and so I thought I better get knitting! I hope I can get it done on time. If I do, you'll be the first to see the finished project!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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Ann said...

This looks great, Julie!

TLady said...

WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA JULIE!!!!!!!:) I snagged the pattern! AND I LOOOOOOVE your idea of doing TWO DIFFERENT PATTERNS of stitching! THANK YOU!!! :) AND
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!" :)

Leslie Miller said...

Busy, busy, busy! These look so cool!

ChristineCreations said...

SO cute!

Stacy Morgan said...

Too cute and chicken legs I do not have. ha ha A hat to match I am with your neice. ;-)